Discipleship Class

This class takes place every Saturday morning at 9:30 in the fellowship hall downstairs. This class is good for seasoned believers and newcomers alike. The focus is on understanding the teachings of the Bible from a discipleship model. Each week we cover another aspect of what it means to live as a disciple of Christ in our changing world. The focus is on the multiplication of the church through disciple making which is a natural occurrence for a follower of Jesus.

Young Adult Ministries

Our Young Adults have lots going on. We hold a walking/running/biking group every second Sunday of the month for fellowship, fun, and belonging. On the third week of the month, we meet for our young adult’s discussion grow where we discuss a number of young adult related topics and support each other’s spiritual growth and direction. Additionally, our Young Adults have some social activities that happen through out the year. Please contact us at solidrockva@gmail.com or leave a message at (703) 979-4860 to get our latest schedule and events.


Solid Rock is proud of our award winning Pathfinders and Adventures clubs! These clubs are Scouting type programs for young children and teens created by the world Church to unite the joy of scouting to the joy of Jesus. The goal of these clubs is to teach youth to connect with Jesus in a life long way that is fun, meaningful, and disciplined. Our club’s local chapter is called Good News Pathfinders because our young people know that to follow Jesus is to live a life of good news where ever you go. Please contact us at solidrockva@gmail.com or leave a message at (703) 979-4860 to enroll your child or for our latest schedule of events.


Drive Time Morning Devotions

Every Monday through Friday at 7:30-8:15 (expect on holidays) we meeting in a “ZOOM” conference room to start the day out with Bible Study, Prayer, and Discussion. You can video log in on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or simply call in your phone during your commute via Bluetooth. This is a great way to stay connected to Jesus and each other all week long! In this fast pace metro-DC area while not fight the traffic while you spiritual grow at the same time! You can log on to this devotion by ZOOM on any computer or mobile device or phone. Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/2455236070 Or join by phone:  +1 (646) 568-7788 US Toll Meeting ID: 245 523 6070.


Prayer Meeting

Our Prayer meeting focus is in small groups. We have a small group meeting both Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm and Saturday Morning at 9:00 am both in the downstairs fellowship room. At Solid Rock, we believe prayer is the key to spiritual renewal and a life bathed in peace, power, and purpose. Our motto is, “We don’t pray to change God’s mind, but we pray so God can change our mind.” That is what prayer is all about; it is making our heart and minds open to God leading, it is coming to God and asking Him to sync us to His ways.

Join us, Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm and Saturday Morning at 9:00 am both in the downstairs fellowship room, and watch God change your life!

Friday Night Bible Class

On Friday Nights at 7:30 pm we have a Bible study class where we study a book of the Bible using the expository study method. We will study through a whole book of the Bible, but as we do we stop and take the time to highlight Bible study method and the reasons for our conclusions during the study. The class will meet in the sanctuary each week unless it is a holiday weekend or and an announced postponement. Come, learn to explore and discuss the Bible to together.