Pastoral Staff

Pastor Vinnie (Vincent) MacIsaac

Pastor Vinnie’s passion is empowering people to understand and serve God on new and greater levels of engagement. He is originally from Canada but has traveled and spoken internationally throughout the globe. He and his wife Tina have one child, Jose, and often have additions to their family through fostering. His interests include social justice, leadership, reading, writing, and he is an avid science-fiction fan; however, outside of his family, pastoring Solid Rock is his greatest joy. Educationally Pastor Vinnie’s background before pastoring was in counseling, mental health, and community development. He has the following educational degrees A.A. (Vance Granville College), S.S.W. (Sheridan College), BA (Southern Adventist University), and MA (Andrews Seminary University).


His personal website can be found at You can contact or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.

Worship Leader


Marvin Ford

Marvin Ford has comprehensive experience in musical direction, spanning over 20 years with degrees from Howard University, Peabody Conservatory, and Montgomery College. Marvin is more than the Music Staff at Solid Rock, Marvin is the heart and soul of our expressed worship to God! Marvin combines both high-end technical playing and singing skills with down to earth passion for Jesus to produce what has become “The Solid Rock Sound.” Marvin is more than a director; Marvin has hand selected and invested in teaching and training lay signers who have become the “Solid Rockers Praise Team.” Marvin believes in building people the same way he plays music; which is with all in his heart, all his soul, and all his might! You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Elders at Solid Rock are a central part of our staffing. Because Solid Rock is a rapidly growing multi-generational and multi-ethnic church, the Elders serve as lay pastors and assist the pastor in any pastoral care that may be needed. The following elders currently serve at Solid Rock:


Julio Basurto

Julio Basurto grew up in the Old Arlington Church which grew into Solid Rock. Julio is the father of three children; Paola, Isaiah, and Lucas. Julio is greatly beloved in the church for being “down to earth,” approachable, above all for being a person who is real with you and whom you can be real with. Julio has lived the walk that he talks and knows what it means to find peace, salvation, and maturity in Christ. You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Elizabeth deCastro

Elizabeth deCastro has served as local church elder is both Fairfax Church and now Solid Rock Church. She is a central person in most of the programs of the church including Pathfinders and Adventures, Sabbath School, Church Board, and Planning and Scheduling. Elizabeth lives in Reston with her daughter and has enjoyed careers working with Verizon and more recently teaching in public schools. You can contact her at or leave a message directed to her at (703) 979-4860.


Ruth Loncar

Ruth Loncar is a talented administrator and currently, serves in administration at Reston Hospital. Ruth has a passion for Prayer and seeing the work of the Holy Spirit among us. Ruth also has greatly helped the church create an environment that is welcoming, safe, and easy to engage with. She is often the first person people meet at the door and the last person they greet at the end of the day. Ruth has two children; Daniel and Katrina. You can contact her at or leave a message directed to her at (703) 979-4860.


Steven Lwasa

Steven Lwasa specializes in discipleship and teaching discipleship classes. Steven is a person who is deeply committed to having a personal relationship with Christ and modeling to others how to do the same thing. Steven’s spiritual focus extends past the individual and is often the voice asking what “we” as a group of believers can do to represent Christ to the world better. You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Wayne Medly

Wayne Medly is a gifted bible student and preacher of deep truths. Wayne is a calm and cool personality that runs deep beneath the surface. In addition to serving as an elder, he is a natural leader who often leads out in the weekly call in “Drive Time Devotions.” Wayne also teaches the discipleship class and involves himself in assisting in whatever the church is engaging in. You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Olu Long

Olu Long (Oluchi Nwosu-Long) is our young adult elder and excels in young adult ministries, mentoring, and interpersonal counseling skills. Olu is also a key part of the “Solid Rockers Praise Team” and sings with them almost every week. Along with her husband Patrick, she is an avid fitness enthusiast and runs marathons and other races in the community.  You can contact her at or leave a message directed to her at (703) 979-4860.


James Saul

James Saul is likely our longest serving elder having served the church many many years in our old Fairfax location before we relocated to Arlington. James loves soul winning, door to door evangelism, and spirited singing and worship. James is an avid Sabbath School teacher and leader and loves to share with the people his excitement for what Jesus is doing in our world! You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas is another long time elder who’s skills have served the church for many with much blessings over the years. Peter and his extended family are core family to this church.  Peter’s excellent skills at listening, caring for the homeless, and being a natural peace maker has made Solid Rock a better come compassionate church. Peter is a “people’s person” who actively reaches out the community on behalf of the church and builds bridges wherever he goes. You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.


Emmanuel Adu-Poku

Emmanuel Adu-Poku was born in Ghana to Isaac & Millicent Adu-Mensah. He began his service to the Lord at age 16 serving in many capacities in the church as Secretary, Treasurer, Deacon, Praise Team Member, Pathfinder Director and is currently serving as an Elder at Solid Rock SDA Church.

He completed his Economics degree at the University of Ghana and later relocated to the United States where he pursued his graduate studies in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination. He is currently working as a professional auditor with a global energy company. His wife, Jennifer, is a registered nurse and a great partner in ministry and life. Their lovely daughter, Ayaana, joined the team in 2014 and continue to serve the Lord. His passion is not only meeting people and sharing Jesus but also serving others and children, in hopes that they may see the beauty of God. He’s active in missions and community partnerships, and his hobbies include hiking, jogging, and singing.

He looks forward to seeing and serving you, and remember that we “… can do all things through Christ who strengthens” us (Philippians 4:13). You can contact him at or leave a message directed to him at (703) 979-4860.